Quality is what all companies try to project and it is basically what consumers are looking for. In view of this, Hong Kong Standards and Testing Centre (STC) has launched an independent certification scheme for product quality - the "STC tested" Mark (the "Mark") to provide an unambiguous definition and identification to product quality.

What is "STC tested" Mark?

The Mark is a product quality certification mark. It helps consumers to identify, at a glance, that the product has been tested by STC according to relevant local and international standards. It represents the best quality mark in the market as type-testing and regular market surveillance are done regularly to ensure product quality. The Mark is available from STC. Recognized by more than 30 international organizations, STC is the longest established not-for-profit testing, inspection and certification organization in Hong Kong, and is fully committed to provide the most accurate, efficient and cost-effective services to the community.

Why "STC tested" Mark?

No matter how good your product is, it may still suffer from a lack of quality recognition from the customers. The "STC tested" Mark imparts an independent quality endorsement of your products as compared to those without the Mark.

To suppliers or manufacturers, the Mark:

Assists them to promote their products in the market;
Assures consumers that the products have good quality and performance through testing;
Fulfils the community's quest for an independent certification mark to differentiate good-quality products from other products in the market.

To consumers, the Mark:

Assists consumers to identify independently tested products and make a better choice;
Gives a level of assurance on the performance and quality of the marked products.

What Products are Covered?

  1. Food Products
  2. Health Supplements
  3. Proprietary Chinese Medicines
  4. Cosmetics and Toiletries
  5. Household Products and Detergents
  6. Other Consumer Products

"STC tested" Mark Holographic Label

To ensure the visual attractiveness of "STC tested" Mark and further increase the confidence of consumers to the Mark, a holographic label which carriers a special security feature was made.

How to Apply?

  1. Submit an application form with specific product information and a copy of your Business Registration Certificate to STC
  2. STC will issue certification proposal
  3. Submit sample for STC's review, assessment and testing in accordance with local or International standards
  4. STC issues License
  5. Market surveillance

"STC tested" Mark Shopping Guide

We regularly publish a Shopping Guide to showcase the latest products certified by us. View the most recent issues at the links below:

    1. The 21st Issue
    2. The 20th Issue
    3. The 19th Issue
    4. The 18th Issue
    5. The 17th Issue

Promotion Event

Every year, a "STC tested" Mark Certificate Award Ceremony will be held in different venues. For this year's detail, please visit here.

“STC tested” Mark scheme was established in 2003, providing consumers assurance that products carrying the Mark have been independently tested according to corresponding local or international standards.

The “STC tested” Mark has gained extensive public recognition through various promotional activities. Today, the Mark is regarded by consumers as a benchmark for product safety and quality. Shoppers can easily identify certified products by the Mark’s holographic label, giving them confidence that the product has met relevent safety standards.

Manufacturers of food, health supplements, proprietary Chinese medicines, cosmetics and household products also benefit from the scheme. With “STC tested” Mark on the product packaging, consumers’ confidence level was greatly enhanced.

To promote the Mark, The “STC tested” Mark publishes a “STC tested Mark Shopping Guides” every year, with an updated list of certified products bearing the “STC tested” Mark. The “STC tested” Mark also participates in exhibitions with the aim of attracting more manufacturers in Hong Kong and China to the scheme.


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