Update on the Deadline for using “UKCA mark” after the Brexit


This is an update to our previous newsletter issue 08/20/TCD, which is a roadmap for ensuring toy safety compliance in the UK market -- from now until the finalization of the transition period that will complete on 2022-01-01.


As described in that newsletter, after the “No-Deal Brexit” on 2020-01-31, we are now near the end of the “UK/EU Transition period” (2020-02-01~2020-12-31), and will begin the next phase: “UK Transition period” soon.


Entering this new phase as from 2021-01-01, the UKCA mark will be the British conformity assessment marking for most goods currently subject to CE marking.  CE Marking will no longer be accepted in the UK, and conversely, UKCA will not be recognized in EU. UK DoC (“Declaration of Conformity”) for compliance with the UK Safety Regulations (e.g. UK Toy (Safety) Regulations) also has to be prepared instead of the EU DoC, when importing into the UK.


However, according to Guidance “Placing manufactured goods on the market in Great Britain from 1 January 2021”, there is an extension of the acceptance period of CE marking in the UK until 2022-01-01 for goods complying with the EU ‘New Legislative Framework’ (NLF), which in our opinion including toys.


In any case, UKCA mark and UK DoC are compulsory for all imported goods to the UK from 2022-01-01 at the latest.


[See PDF version for more information]