2020 - Present

  • "PKM electronic GmbH" has changed its name to "STC Germany GmbH"
  • Hong Kong Certification Centre (HKCC) granted as China National Certification Body (NCB)
  • STC was accredited as the first testing laboratory for face mask testing in Hong Kong by CNAS and IAS
  • "Changzhou Electronic Product Quality Supervision & Inspection Co. Ltd." changed its name to "STC (Changzhou) Co. Ltd."
  • STC (Dongguan) became NEXT's dedicated testing laboratory
  • STC (Shanghai) recognized as CCC's designated testing laboratory
  • STC (Dongguan)'s Digital Subtraction Angiography (DSA) operation device was officially commissioned
  • STC and HKCC awarded the "Testing and Certification Manpower Development Corporate Award" and the "Excellent Testing and Certification Professional Award"
  • STC (Dongguan) became a CNAS accredited Product Certification Body
  • STC (Changzhou) extended the service scope for Railway Vehicles Testing and accredited by the CMA

2014 - 2019

  • New Tableware Lab opened in STC (Shanghai)
  • STC (Germany) updated the Notified Body (NB No. 2522) for RED Directive
  • STC (Dongguan) became an authorized testing laboratory to undertake full scope CCC toy testing
  • Hong Kong Excellent Service Certification Scheme launched
  • Biodegradable Product Certification Scheme and Medical Device Scheme launched
  • STC (USA) & STC (Japan) established
  • STC (Changzhou) established
  • STC (Dongguan) established a new animal testing laboratory, providing medical device testing services
  • STC (USA) expanded by acquiring Benchmark Laboratories LLC
  • STC (Heilongjiang) established
  • STC (Dongguan) is officially approved and accredited as an OECD GLP testing laboratory
  • STC (Dongguan) extended the CCC scope to audio-visual equipment and interior decoration products
  • STC (Guangxi) established
  • "Benchmark Laboratories LLC" has changed its name to "STC USA LLC"
  • STC (Dongguan) extended the CCC scope to children's vehicles

2009 - 2013

  • PKM electronic GmbH became an STC subsidiary (STC Germany)
  • STC (Yiwu) established
  • STC became the first CCC Testing Laboratory in Hong Kong
  • Hong Kong Certification Centre gained HKCAS accreditation
  • STC (Vietnam) established
  • Introduction of Hong Kong Eco Mark, Estrogen Safe Mark and Phthalate Compliance Mark

1999 - 2008

  • Hong Kong Inspection Company established and gained HKIAS accreditation
  • "STC tested" Mark introduced
  • STC (Dongguan) established
  • STC (Shanghai) established

1989 - 1998

  • STC became the first ISO 9000 laboratory in Hong Kong
  • Electromagnetic capability testing in operation
  • STC (Shenzhen) established
  • Hong Kong Certification Centre was founded to fill the need for certification services
  • Hong Kong Inspection Company established
  • Hong Kong Safety Mark introduced
  • Serving customers in China with the establishment of STC (Guangzhou)

1979 - 1988

  • Microbiology testing services introduced
  • STC relocated to Tai Po Industrial Estate
  • STC became the first HOKLAS accredited laboratory in Hong Kong
  • Handbag and luggage testing services introduced

1967 – 1978

  • Chemical and toy testing laboratories established
  • Electrical and electronic testing laboratory established
  • Footwear testing services introduced


  • STC (Hong Kong Standards and Testing Centre) founded
    - the first independent, third-party testing laboratory in Hong Kong



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