STC Group, EMF / EMR Testing


As people increase the use of electrical products and electronics, concerns regarding electromagnetic emissions continue to grow. Electromagnetic fields / radiation (EMF / EMR), is consider one of the most common and fastest growing environmental influences that we face today.

We are constantly being exposed to EMF / EMR emissions in our daily lives. Whether it be radio transmitters, wireless local area networks, anti-theft systems, medical equipment, household appliances, mobile phones, etc. all emit certain levels of EMF / EMR. Research has shown that exposure to EMF / EMR above certain levels can trigger an increase risk of adverse health effects causing potential health and safety hazards. As result, EMF / EMR compliance is a mandatory requirement in most markets and is crucial in protecting public health. 

STC offers on-site EMF / EMR measurement services for living or working environments in accordance to various standards to ensure that regulatory requirements are met and reduce the risk of potential health hazards associated with high frequency radiation fields. 


Our on-site EMF / EMR measurement services are in accordance to:


European Standards

  • EN 50413
  • EN 50492
  • EN 50364
  • EN 62311
  • EN 62369-1
  • EN 62479
  • EN 62493
  • ICNIRP Guidelines
  • SBM-2015


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