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Electrical and electronic products have become an irreplaceable and essential part of our daily lives. Consumers not only expect these products to be safe but also to be reliable. In this highly competitive and complex market, it is especially important for manufacturers, suppliers and retailers to ensure that their products are meeting required safety standards and perform reliably to consumer expectations.

STC offers comprehensive testing and certification services for a wide range of devices, equipment and household appliances. From product safety certification to tailor made product performance testing  programs according to custom specifications and relevant national standards, STC’s one-stop electrical and electronic certification and testing solution ensures that products are safety compliant to international standards and meet quality and performance expectations.    

STC supports customers in obtaining CB testing reports and certifications under IECEE CE scheme in accordance to International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) standards. STC laboratories are also recognized by accreditation bodies such as CNAS (China), DAkkS (Germany)*, HKAS and EMSD (Hong Kong) for specific test items as listed on the respective scope of accreditation.

*We have been granted the flexible accreditation by DAkkS according to ISO/IEC 17025:2017 for specific testing scopes.  Subject to the terms of accreditation, we are able to use standard testing methods listed here with different issue dates.  Please contact us should you require testing to different standard editions with DAkkS accredited test reports.

Our Electrical Testing Services include:
International Safety Testing & Certification

  • Global (CB Certification)
  • Australia - New Zealand (RCM)
  • China (CCC, CQC)
  • Europe (CE)
  • Germany (GS, VDE)
  • Hong Kong (HKSM)
  • Japan (PSE)
  • Korea ­(KC)
  • Kuwait (PAI)
  • Malaysia (SIRIM)
  • Russia (GOST)
  • Singapore (PSB)
  • Switzerland (SEV)
  • USA - Canada (UL, CSA)

Product Performance Testing

  • LED Luminaires / Light Bulbs / Light Tubes / Ballasts
  • CFL Light Bulbs / Light Tubes
  • Electric Rice Cookers
  • Electric Induction Cookers
  • Microwave Ovens
  • Electric Water Storage Heaters
  • Televisions Sets
  • Photocopiers
  • Battery Chargers
  • External Power Supplies
  • Ingress Protection (IP) Testing

Products used indoors or outdoors are often put through IP testing to see if the product is resistance to external elements such as water and dust. IP testing can be beneficial to product safety and functionality, as well as product marketing. 

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Electrical & Electronic Products Testing