STC Group, Radio Frequency & Electromagnetic Compatibility Testing

Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) and Radio Frequency (RF) are of increasing importance as the use of electrical and electronic devices in our everyday lives continues to increase.  Many countries have established mandatory requirements on EMC and RF regulations for electrical and electronic devices preventing non-compliant products from entering their market.

All electrical and electronic devices have the ability to influence each other when interconnected or when operating in close proximity.  Products that are EMC and RF compliant are able to function properly to performance requirements without interfering, being interfered with other devices or causing any harm to the public.  

With nearly 60 years of experience, STC has been a leader in EMC testing and is a Local Certified Body (LCB) under the Office of the Communications Authority (OFCA) of the Hong Kong Government.  Our state-of-the-art laboratory, RF and EMC testing chambers allow for ElectroMagnetic Interference (EMI) and ElectroMagnetic Susceptibility (EMS) testing, as well as RF testing for radio frequency products.

STC’s EMC testing and RF testing capabilities are recognized and comply with international standards to help manufacturers, retailers, importers and railway operators meet regulatory requirements and quickly get products to international markets.

Our experts also offer professional technical support services for product improvements and modifications to meet stringent standards of various countries and on-site RF and EMC testing for larger equipment including measurements for offices, giant machinery, casinos, railway EMC Testing and human exposure to Environmental ElectroMagnetic Fields (EMF) testing.    


Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) Testing

  • American FCC Standards
  • ANSI C63.4, 47 CFR Part 15, 47 CFR Part 18
  • Canadian EMC Standards
  • ICES-001, ICES-003, ICES-005
  • European EMC Standards
  • EN12015, EN12016, EN50121-x-x, EN50130-4, EN55011, EN55013, EN55014, EN55015, EN55020, EN55022, EN55024, EN55032, EN55035, EN60601-1-2, EN61000-3-x, EN61000-4-xx, EN61000-6-x, EN61204-3, EN61326-x-x, EN61547, EN62040-2, EN301489-xx


Radio Frequency (RF) Testing

  • American RF Standards (ANSI C63.10, 47 CFR Part 15)
  • Australian RF Standard (AS/NZS 4268)
  • Canadian RF Standards (RSS-Gen, RSS-210, RSS-220, RSS-222, RSS-247, RSS-310)
  • European RF Standards (EN 300086, EN 300113, EN 300220, EN 300296, EN 300328,EN 300330, EN 300390, EN 300422, EN 300440, EN 301166, EN 301178, EN 301357, EN 301559, EN 301893,EN 302018, EN 302065, EN 302195, EN 302208, EN 302502, EN 302536, EN 302608, EN 302609, EN 303203, EN 303204, EN 303406,EN 303354)
  • Hong Kong Radio Specifications (HKCA 10XX)


FCC Testing

All electrical and electronic products that manufacturers plan to sell in the United States must comply and meet relevant RF and EMC requirements under the Federal Communications Commission (FCC).

FCC testing and authorization involve two approval procedures - "Certification" and "Supplier’s Declaration of Conformity (SDoC)".

The approval procedure required to be used is specified in the applicable FCC rule part(s) that apply to the radio frequency functions of a device or an end product. In general, except when otherwise stated in a rule, intentional radiators(transmitters) are required to be approved using the certification procedure, and unintentional radiators ( circuitry) are approved using the SDoC procedure.

STC’s technical competence meets FCC requirements for various scopes of accreditation for testing performed in support of SDoC and Certification.


FCC Recognized Accredited Scope

  • Unintentional Radiators (FCC Part 15 Subpart B)
  • Intentional Radiators (FCC Part 15 Subpart C)
  • U-NII without DFS Intentional Radiators (FCC Part 15 Subpart E)
  • UWB Intentional Radiators (FCC Part 15 Subpart F)
  • White Space Device Intentional Radiators (FCC Part 15 Subpart H)
  • Industrial, Scientific, and Medical Equipment (FCC Part 18)


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