STC Group, Large Animal Test,

STC large animal laboratory is a preclinical large animal study platform that is established in accordance with the FDA good laboratory practice standards (GLP) and AAALAC, which can evaluate the safety and effectiveness of
cardiovascular, orthopedics (including spine), brain, respiratory, and other high-risk medical devices.

Scope of Services

.Animal Study Plan Generation and Implementation
.Broad Range of in Vivo Models and Analysis Tools
.Scientific Research Study Cooperation
.Joint Application for Scientific Research Funding Projects
.Physician Surgery Training
.Rental of Experimental Environment and Facilities

Products Categories

.Implantable Cardiac Pacemakers
.Implantable Cardiac Electrode Leads Class
.Implantable Neural Stimulation
.Implantable Ventricular Assist Device Class
.Ultrasonic Soft Tissue Cutting Hemostasis System
.Bipolar High Frequency Electrosurgical Vessel Closure Equipment
.Artificial Heart Valve
.Thrombectomy Instrument
.Revascularization Device
.Aortic Stent
.Artificial Blood Vessels
.Valvuloplasty Ring
.Vascular Anastomat
.Tissue Anastomat
.Extracorporeal Circulation / Perfusion Device
.Fully Absorbable Nerve Repair Material
.Fully Absorbable Tissue Repair Patch
.Internal Abdominal Hernia Repair Mesh
.Bone Fillers Containing BMP and Other Osteogen Factors
.Absorbable Surgical Anchors
.Joint Products with New Coating
.New Type Cervical Disc
.Cartilage Repair Products
.Calcium Phosphorus Silicon Bone Filling Material
.Absorbable Ligature Clip
.Absorbable Anastomotic Nail
.Absorbable Surgical Hemostatic Material
.Absorbable Surgical Anti-adhesion Materials
.New Type Oxygenator

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