STC Group, Down & Feather Testing


Consumer products that contain down and feather filled materials such as apparel, coats, jackets, bedding, pillows, etc. must be accurately labeled and advertised with the product’s filling contents. As the cost and quality differ greatly, manufactures, suppliers and retailers must be able to verify the accuracy of filling materials used and the amounts of down and feathers must not be misrepresented.     

STC offers down and feather testing services can assist manufacturers, suppliers and retailers accurately label down and feather filled products. Our testing capabilities also allow us to perform other down and feather filled product testing services to help ensure product quality and meet product performance expectations.


Our Down & Feather Testing services include:


Down & Feather Testing

  • Acidity Testing
  • Composition Analysis
  • Determination of Microbiological State
  • Fiber Migration
  • Filling Power
  • Moisture Content Testing
  • Net Weight of Filing Material
  • Oxygen Number
  • Penetration Resistance Testing
  • Species Identification
  • Turbidity Testing


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