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Cookies are a small text files that are stored on your web browser when you visit our website. The information that STC collects from cookies is not used to identify you personally. STC will only use the information received from cookies to help us improve our website and your experience when visiting our website.

The information we collect from cookies enables us to make improvements to our website based on your interactions, tailor our website according to your personal preferences, help us provide content that is of relevance to you, and to help us measure our marketing efforts.


Strictly Necessary Cookies – These cookies are placed for system administration purposes and enable you to use our website and its features (e.g. accessing secured areas of our website and completing online enquiry form).

Performance Related Cookies – These cookies help us collect anonymous information about how you interact with our website so that we can improve our website and better your experience on our website (e.g. collecting error messages and monitoring our website’s performance and visitor activities via Google Analytics).

Functionality Related Cookies – These cookies collect anonymous information and enable us to provide a more personalized experience when you visit our website (e.g. your language preference and providing specific content based on your geographic location).

Marketing Related Cookies – STC and our third party service providers may use marketing related cookies to collect information to help us measure the effectiveness of our marketing campaigns and customize the advertisement and content you may receive about our services. This is so that we can provide marketing materials that is of relevance to you and to your interests (e.g. customizing ads and content you see for our services, limiting the amount of ads you see, and collecting data about your activities when you visit our website via Google Adwords). No personal identifiable information will be stored.


To offer the best possible experience on our website, we recommend that you accept and enable cookies. However, if you do not wish to accept, you can change your web browser settings to disable cookies from this website and to delete the cookies that you have received. For more information about disabling cookies, please visit your web browser’s help pages.

Please note that by disabling cookies, your experience on our website may be impacted. Some of our web pages may not display properly and you may not be able to use all the features our website has to offer or store any personal preferences when you revisit our website.

For more information, please review our Privacy Statement and Terms of Access.