STC Group, Rehabilitation & Personal Care Products Testing,

Wheelchair, walking stick, bath chair and adult diaper are the essential products for people are in rehabilitation and special care.

STC can provide various tests to ensure the quality of these products. These test items can be an indicator for consumers to select the suitable products based on their needs. 


These are the test items for wheelchair, walking stick, bath chair and adult diaper:


  • ISO 7176-16 Wheelchairs — Part 16: Resistance to ignition of postural support devices 

To assess the resistance to ignition by match flame equivalent of all postural support devices that are supplied to be part of a wheelchair or its seating system.


Walking Stick

  • CNS 15192 Non-wooden walking sticks
  • CNS 15191 Wooden walking sticks

For the type construction scale such as quality, static load test, strength test of the joint between the grip and the stick body, repeated load test, rod end friction test, label and user manual and classification.


Bath Chair

  • BS EN 12520 Furniture. Strength, durability and safety. Requirements for domestic seating

Specifies the minimum requirements for the safety, strength and durability of all types of domestic seating for adults.

  • EN 16139: 2013 Furniture. Strength, durability and safety. Requirements for non-domestic seating (Level 1)


Adult Diaper

  • QB/T 2493 Disposable diaper or
  • GB/T 28004 Disposable Diaper (Not included raw material testing GB/T 28004-5.4)

Product classification, technical requirements, test methods, inspection rules and signs, packaging, transportation, and storage requirements for baby and adult diapers and diapers/pads. This standard is applicable to diapers, diapers/pads formed by special packaging machines, and diapers formed by non-special packaging machines with specially designed structures, that is, composed of outer covering materials, built-in absorbent layers, leak-proof bottom films such as sheets/pads.


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