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Consumers are able to identify which cosmetics, skin care and dairy products are estrogen-free by looking for the Estrogen Safe Mark.

In 2013, "STC Tested" Mark launched the Estrogen Safe Mark Certificate, the first product certification scheme dedicated to estrogen levels in cosmetics and skin care products in Hong Kong. Estrogen, a primary female sex hormone, is critical for the healthy development of female reproductive organs. However, an excessive intake of estrogen may cause adverse effects such as cancer, sexual dysfunction, precocious puberty, and foetal anomaly.  "STC Tested" Mark introduced the Estrogen Safe Mark Certificate scheme after some cosmetics, skin care products and dairy products had been reported as containing potentially unsafe levels of the hormone. Under the scheme, these products will undergo a designated estrogen test, with the Estrogen Safe Mark Certificate being granted only if the amount of estrogen found is within an acceptable range. Consumers are now able to identify whether the products are free from estrogen simply by looking for the Estrogen Safe Mark.

Estrogen Safe Mark Products

  • Cosmetics
  • Skin Care Products
  • Dairy Products

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