STC Group, Bags, Luggage & Accessories Testing


From wallets, handbags and backpacks to luggage, the design and purpose of these articles is to safely hold our valuables and personal items. To ensure that these products met their intended purposes, bags and luggage testing is essential in meeting consumer products expectations as well as ensuring compliance to safety standards and requirements.

STC’s comprehensive bag and luggage testing services can assist manufactures and retailers in meeting consumer expectations through extensive product performance testing such strength and durability, functionality of zippers, straps, buckles, handles, wheels, fastenings etc., as well as the overall product quality and safety.


Our Bags, Luggage & Accessories Testing services include:


Physical Performance Testing

  • Durability Testing
  • Rolling Testing (SATRA)
  • Drop Testing (SATRA)
  • Water Resistance (AATCC 22, 35)
  • Static & Dynamic Loading Testing (SATRA)
  • Hazardous Chemicals Analysis (EN 14362, LFGB § 64 BVL B 82.02.9, DIN 54231, BS EN ISO 14184-1, BS EN ISO 3071, BS EN 1122)


  • Spectacle & Sunglasses Testing (ISO 12312, ISO 12870)
  • Button Performance Testing (ASTM F963, EN 71, ISO 8124-1, GB 6675)
  • Zipper Performance Testing (BS 3084)
  • Belt Performance Testing (SATRA)
  • Corrosion Resistance Testing (ASTM B117, ISO 9227)


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