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Consumer concerns about the safety and quality of products they are purchasing continue to grow especially when it comes to children's and baby products. The impact of these products can pose dangerous threats to young infants, toddlers and children if they do not follow safety standards and regulatory requirements. Children’s and baby product manufacturers and retailers must comply to strict regulations for the markets they wish to sell products in and demonstrate the safety and quality of their products to meet consumer performance expectations

At STC, our children’s and baby product testing specialists are up-to-date with constantly changing global regulatory requirements and industry standards to ensure that products are compliant and competitive.

Our state-of-the-art internationally recognized and accredited testing laboratory allows us to perform children’s and baby product testing in accordance to Australia, Europe, United Kingdom, United States, and New Zealand safety standards.   

Our extensive Children’s & Baby Product Testing services include:

Children’s & Baby Product Testing

  • Baby Dummies(ASTM F963, EN 1400, AS 2432)
  • Baby Soother Holders (EN 12586, BS EN 12586)
  • Baby Walking Frames (ASTM F977, EN 1273, BS EN 1273)
  • Baby Carriers (ASTM F2236, EN 13209, BS EN 13209)
  • Bottle Teats (EN 14350, BS EN 14350)
  • Bunk Beds for Domestic Use (ASTM F1427, EN 747, BS EN 747, AS/NZS 4220)
  • Changing Units (ASTM F2388, EN 12221, BS EN 12221)
  • Carry Cots & Similar Handled Products & Stands (ASTM F2050, EN 1466, BS EN 1466)
  • Child Safety Barriers for Domestic Use (ASTM F1004, EN 1930, BS EN 1930)
  • Children’s Cots for Domestic Use (ASTM F1169, EN 716, BS EN 716, AS/NZS 2172)
  • Children’s Safety Harnesses (EN 13210, BS EN 13210)
  • Playpens for Domestic Use (ASTM F406, EN 12227, BS EN 12227)
  • Wheeled Child Conveyances (ASTM F833, EN 1888, BS EN 1888, AS/NZS 2088)
  • Children’s Paints (ASTM F963, EN 71 Part 3, BS EN 71-3, BS 5665-3, AS/NZS 8124-3)
  • Children’s Sunglasses(ANSI Z80.3, EN 1836, BS EM 1836, AS/NZS 1067)
  • Children’s Cutlery & Feeding Utensils (EN14372, BS EN 14372)
  • Children’s High Chairs & Multipurpose High Chairs for Domestic Use (ASTM F404, EN 14988, BS EN 14988, AS 4684)


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