STC Group, Automobiles & Automotive Component Testing


Automobiles are complex mechanical systems made up from thousands of automotive components. From ergonomics, acoustics, electromagnetic, material physics, lasers automations, and other advanced technologies, each automotive component must work efficiently and flawlessly with one another as any slight defects could affect the overall performance of the automobile and potentially compromise the automobile’s quality and even put the safety of the driver at risk.  

Over the years, as safety and quality controls of automobiles and automotive components become stricter around the world, automakers and automotive component manufacturers must ensure that performance requirements and safety standards are met.

STC offers comprehensive automotive component testing services that includes environmental reliability testing and electrical performance testing, as well as functional testing, EMC testing, material testing, chemical testing, and ELV testing to meet performance measures and regulatory compliances. 


 Automotive Component Testing services includes:

  • Detection of Hazardous Substances in Vehicles (ELV Directive)
  • VOC Detection
  • Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) Testing
  • Physical & Mechanical Properties Testing


Physical & Mechanical Properties Testing

Physical Property Testing:

    • Tensile Test (normal temperature & high temperature)
    • Bending Test (normal temperature & high temperature)
    • Impact Test (normal temperature & high temperature)
    • Hardness, Haze, & Tear Strength Testing

Rubber & Plastic Electrical Performance Testing:

    • Surface Resistance
    • Dielectric Constant
    • Dielectric Loss
    • Dielectric Strength
    • Volume Resistivity
    • Withstand Voltage
    • Breakdown Voltage

Combustion Performance Testing:

    • Vertical Burning Test
    • Horizontal Burning Test
    • 45° Angle Burning Test

Qualitative Analysis of Material Composition:

    • Fourier infrared Spectroscopy
    • Etc.


Reliability Testing

  • Environmental Corrosion Test
  • Neutral Salt Spray Test
  • Acetate Spray Test
  • Copper Ion Accelerated Salt Spray Test
  • Ozone Resistance Test
  • Gas Corrosion Test (Hydrogen sulfide, Sulfur dioxide, Nitrogen Dioxide, Chlorine)
  • Cycle Salt Spray Test


Environmental Reliability Testing

  • Temperature Testing
  • Temperature & Humidity Testing
  • Rapid Temperature Change Testing
  • Temperature Shock Testing
  • Various Life Testing
  • Dust Testing
  • Water Resistance Testing


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