As a commitment to meeting global trade and manufacturing demands, STC Vietnam was established in 2013 to strengthen STC’s global network and to better serve the growing number of businesses expanding their manufacturing facilities to various parts of South East Asia. STC Vietnam initially specialized in extensive textile and apparel testing services, following year 2017, the company developed chemical testing capability to assist manufacturers, importers and exporters in international compliance of chemical safety. In 2018, STC Vietnam expanded to toy testing to the US, EU and Japan requirements in order to provide one-stop convenient, reliable and comprehensive Testing, Inspection and Certification solutions to meet the increasing needs of quality assurance services in the region. Today STC Vietnam is accepted by the US CPSC for third party testing to the CPSIA and accredited by VILAS for ISO/IEC 17025 and authorized by Directorate for Standards, Metrology and Quality under degree 107/2016/ND-CP.



Scope of services



Being your trusted quality assurance partner, STC Vietnam help enhance your brand image and achieve your business goals by ensuring your products fit for purposes. In order to meet with your various needs on product quality, a comprehensive scope of services is available from textiles & apparel, furniture & footwear to material & hardware as well as construction & building materials. Our quality service is delivered through a team of experienced and professional staff in a timely and reliable manner, and is recognized internationally through accreditations from many of the world’s leading accreditation schemes, including VILAS and the US CPSC for independent third-party testing to prevailing standards and regulations of major consumer markets. We are also authorized by renowned retailors and buying organizations to perform tests in accordance with their own product specifications and buyer’s programs.




In recent years, consumers have grown increasingly concerned about the safety and quality of food and pharmaceutical products. The Chemical, Food and Pharmaceutical Products Testing division of STC continues to operate with a focus on diligence and excellence to assure consumers that anything they taste, ingest, or apply to their skin is safe. Demand for our service continues to grow with the introduction of regulations such as the implementation of REACH, RoHS and Food Contact Regulations. From establishment until now, STC Vietnam has served a wide range of manufacturers in plastic industry and chemical industry, assisted our customers in compliance of international chemical safety requirements and enhancing their competitiveness or company brand image. We understand that chemical issues are very important to consumers as well as your sustainability growth and the key to protect your value is updated knowledge, prepare well for your products before launching them in the markets. Come to STC when you need the support in chemical safety test as well as food contact test.  




Children are our future and everything related to children must be handled with highest care and standards. As child safety concerns mounted across the globe, toy safety standards and legislations are emerged, updated and enforced in various countries. Toy manufacturers, importers and exporters are required to follow the mandatory and/or voluntary testing and certification procedures before putting toys on the market in the United States, Europe, Japan, China and other markets. To ensure toy safety compliance with the prevailing legislations and toy safety standards, STC's Toys & Children’s Products Division provides solid technical expertise and state-of-the-art testing methodology to support your diverse needs for product safety and product quality integrity. With our networking and over 50 years of experience, our team of professional expertise has kept following the constantly changing environment of the toy industry and succeeded in gaining recognition and support from world prestigious customers, government agencies and international professional trade associations.


Our scope of services covers testing of traditional Toys, Children’s & Baby products, Gifts & Premiums, Stationery & School Items, and Sporting Goods.


Specific testing has been accredited as listed on the respective directory of accreditation by VILAS, and Japan Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare (JMHW). STC is also a Japan Toy Association (JTA) approved laboratory for ST Mark testing, and US Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) approved testing laboratory for CPSIA testing. With our more than 50 years expertized in this industry, STC is proud to be your first choice in assisting toys manufacturers in both development stage and production stage.


With a wide range of test capability and approval for U.S, E.U, China, and Japan market, one-stop service is available at STC so to save you the costs and time for testing at multiple locations or organizations.


IP protection is also one of our key philosophy protecting intellectual property of customers.




Through our inspection services, overseas customers can place an order without worrying that we will be there to provide a full range of auditing and inspection services for a wide variety of consumer products.

We will conduct initial factory inspection, inline production checks, and final random inspection when the goods are produced. Through the independent third-party reports we offer, we have helped many oversea companies to set up supply chains in Vietnam and Southeast Asia and build quality management system better.

Inspection services cover apparel, toys, bags, electrical and electronic products, watches and clocks, footwear, cosmetic and sundry products.




STC offer a one-stop product certification service and help to promote product safety to the general public.

Not only testing and inspection services, STC provides product certification services of its own renowned certification programs including the Hong Kong Safety Mark and Hong Kong Tested Mark and also certification to the national or regional requirements of the US, EU, Japan, China and the GCC.

Specific product certification services include

  • North America – CPC and GCC of the CPSIA, FCC sDOC and FCC ID, IC of Canada
  • EU – CE and Notified Body certificate per EMC/RED
  • Japan – ST for toys and SG for children’s products
  • China – CCC for toys, IT, LVD and lighting equipment
  • GCC – G mark for toys



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