CPSC Exempts Certain Unfinished Manufactured Fibers from ASTM F963 Heavy Elements and Phthalates for Children's Toys and Childcare Articles


The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) published on 2020-06-01, in the Federal Register,  the final rule (16 CFR 1253)  determining that certain unfinished manufactured fibers do not contain the ASTM F963 elements or specified phthalates that exceed the limits set forth under the CPSC's statutes and regulations for children's toys and childcare articles.

Basing on these determinations, the specified unfinished manufactured fibers would not be required to have third-party testing for compliance with the requirements of the ASTM F963 elements or phthalates for children's toys and childcare articles.


Exemption List:

With high degree of assurance, the CPSC found that the following seven unfinished manufactured fibers in children's toys and childcare articles would comply with CPSC's requirements for ASTM F963 elements or phthalates.  Therefore, manufacturers do not need to have those materials tested by a third-party testing laboratory in order to issue a Children's Product Certificate (CPC).

  1. Polyester (Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET))
  2. Nylon
  3. Polyurethane (Spandex)
  4. Viscose Rayon
  5. Natural Rubber Latex
  6. Acrylic
  7. Modacrylic


Effective Date:

The rule is effective on 2020-07-01.


[See PDF version for more information]