STC, accredited to ISO 17025, is the First Independent Testing Center to provide Comprehensive Face Mask Testing in Hong Kong

19 Jun 2020

STC has been providing face mask testing services since the SARS outbreak in 2003. The STC microbiology tests for disposable face masks are accredited by HKAS. In the past, STC has successfully provided relevant testing services to various organizations including government departments.  


Since the first outbreak of COVID-19, the demand for disposable face mask testing has increased dramatically. In response to the surging demand for face masks for the protection of the world community from COVID-19 transmission, more face mask factories have been established.  Along with increasing face mask supply, there is accompanying customer expectation that face masks coming on to the market will meet international quality and safety standards, such as, ASTM F2100, EN 14683 and AS4381.


STC has just invested heavily in purchasing Face Mask testing equipment to enhance face mask testing capability and deliver faster testing services. STC is fully committed to providing the face mask manufacturing sector with the best service in terms of timing and convenience.


We also offer testing of isolation gowns and hand sanitizer.