ACCC Updates Safety Standards for Projectile Toys and Aquatic Toys


On 2020-06-03, following two mandatory safety standards were published in Australia, prescribing requirements under the Australian Consumer Law, for the control of the Projectile Toys and Aquatic Toys.


Comparing with the previous versions, the updated standards now allow suppliers to comply with either the latest Australian voluntary standard (AS/NZS) or the trusted overseas standards as described below:

Warning Requirements:

Consumer Goods (Projectile Toys) Safety Standard 2020

If a projectile toy is capable of launching a projectile more than 300 millimetres, the packaging and instructions accompanying the projectile toy must include a statement to the following effect:


WARNING: Do not aim at eyes or face


Consumer Goods (Aquatic Toys) Safety Standard 2020

Aquatic toys must carry a warning in accordance with the mandatory standard.


The words of the warning must be:

•in English

•clearly legible

•clearly visible


Advertising copy or graphics shall not state or imply that a child will be safe if left unsupervised with an aquatic toy.


[See PDF version for more information]