Direct Final Rule for Safety Standard for High Chairs from the US CPSC


In June 2018, the US Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) adopted a mandatory rule for high chairs, codified in 16 CFR part 1231. The rule incorporated in accordance with ASTM F404–18, Standard Consumer Safety Specification for High Chairs, without modification.  In December 2020, ASTM published a revised voluntary standard for high chairs, and on 2021-01-04, ASTM notified CPSC that it had again revised the voluntary standard for high chairs, approving ASTM F404–20 on 2020-10-01. Therefore, the CPSC decided to adopt this revised version, and this Direct Final Rule updates 16 CFR part 1231 incorporating the revised voluntary standard, ASTM F404–20.


Major Changes:

Amongst other changes, such as warnings, the key change between F404-18 and F404-20 is in the Stability Performance Requirements, with comparison as shown in the table.


Effective Date:

This Direct Final Rule will become effective on 2021-07-03, unless any significant or adverse comments are received by 2021-05-03.




[See PDF version for more information]