China Market Watch (May 2022)


1.  China State Administration for Market Regulation Released the National Supervision and Inspection Plan for Product Quality of 2022


The China State Administration for Market Regulation formulated the National Supervision and Inspection Plan for Product Quality of 2022.  It contains 119 types of products, including 26 types of electrical and electronic products, 8 types of agricultural means of production, 14 types of building, decorative and remodeling materials, 11 types of electrotechnical and material products, 19 types of machinery and security prevention products, 16 types of consumer products and textiles, 12 types of durable consumer products, 13 types of food-related products and so on.


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2.  China Implemented the New Standard for Rapeseed Oil on 1 May 2022


In October 2021, the Chinese government approved the issuance of GB/T1536-2021 “Rapeseed Oil,” and the new standard was implemented on 1 May 2022.  Currently, rapeseed oil is internationally divided into three categories while the new standard is dividing it into two:  in accordance with the different processing extent, rapeseed oil is separated into crude rapeseed oil and finished rapeseed oil.  In addition, it is separated into regular rapeseed oil and canola oil based on the erucic acid content.


Canola oil is rapeseed oil that contains no more than 3% of erucic acid content in the fatty acid composition, and the erucic acid content index is consistent with the current China national standard.  The definitions between pressed rapeseed oil and extracted rapeseed oil are more precise, which are based on the variance in the preparation process of the crude rapeseed oil.  Nonetheless, both are “refined and processed,” which help consumers to scientifically distinguish the differences between pressed oil and extracted oil.


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3.  CNCA Announcement on Specifying the CCC Standards for Explosion-proof Electrical Products


In accordance with the China Compulsory Certification (CCC) system, GB/T 3836.1-2021 Explosive Atmospheres Part 1:  Equipment — General Requirements, 8 new China national standards, which revised and consolidated the 12 old standards, were implemented on 1 May 2022.  They involved the CCC Standards for Explosion-proof Electrical Products.  In order to ensure the effectiveness of implementing the CCC system, the details are as follows: -


a)    Revision was made to the list of the basis and standards for certification in the China Compulsory Certification Implementation Rules - Explosion-proof Electrical Products (CNCA-C23-01: 2019).  However, the revision did not change the scope of the China Compulsory Certification.


b)    All designated certification institutes should follow the instructions of the CNCA's Announcement on Relevant Requirements for Revision of Compulsory Product Certification Basis Standards (Announcement No. 4 [2012] of CNCA), and implement the CCC product certification for Explosion-proof Electrical Products according to the new China national standards.


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