Update on Testing & Regulatory Requirements for Radio Equipment to be sold in HK Market

12 Jul 2022

Radio Equipment to be sold in Hong Kong is required to comply with Telecommunication Equipment, Safety and EMC Testing and/or Certification Requirements.

Telecommunications Equipment Testing and Certification
Ordinance:  Telecommunications Ordinance (Cap 106)
Testing:  HKCA Specifications or Type Acceptance Criteria
Certification:  Applicant can obtain an OFCA certificate from Local Certification Body (LCB)

Safety Testing and Certification
Regulation:  The Electrical Products (Safety) Regulation made under the Electricity Ordinance, Cap. 406 & the Consumer Goods Safety Ordinance (Cap. 456)
Testing:  EPSR 2019 requirement and specific safety standards
Certification:  Applicant can obtain an EPSR Conformity Certificate by Recognized Certification Body

Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) Testing
Regulation:  Telecommunications (Control of Interference) Regulations (Cap 106B)
Testing:  CAP 106B

- STC is an accredited and recognized testing laboratory (HOKLAS and DAkkS)
- STC is an LCB of OFCA (Number : HK001)

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