STC will be joining Food Expo 2022


STC (Hong Kong Standards and Testing Centre) will be joining the Food Expo 2022 through the HKCTC.  We invite you to visit us during the following sessions to learn more about STC’s testing, inspection and certification services.


Location:  Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre

Booth No.:  3B-B01

Date & Time:

  • 11 Aug (Thu), 2pm-6pm
  • 12 Aug (Fri), 10am-2pm
  • 13 Aug (Sat), 2pm-6pm


Diets like the keto diet and low-carb diet are gaining popularity these years, prompting people to have a healthy lifestyle to pay extra attention to the “1+7 Nutrition Label”, especially about carbohydrates, fat, protein and sugar contents, while choosing food.  STC’s testing and certification services have covered what consumers need – Food Nutrition Analysis and “1+7 Nutrition Labeling” in Hong Kong – and ensured certified food meeting requirements of the Nutrition Labelling.  Consumers can then know food content by sight and consume wisely.


Also, STC provides Food Product Safety Testing which examines food contents of heavy metals, pesticide residues, harmful chemicals (e.g. melamine and malachite green), antibiotics, hormones, artificial coloring matter, artificial sweetener, preservatives, micro-organisms and more, ensuring food safety standards are met.  This brings ease to consumers when they do the shopping and buy mooncakes for the Mid-Autumn Festival.


GMO Testing & DNA Food Testing is another testing that STC offers to examine whether food like soy, corn or tomatoes went through genetic modification.  This also examines whether the food contains allergic substances or animal ingredients, making sure vegetarians are free to choose appropriate vegetarian food.


For more information about STC’s testing services, please feel free to contact us.