Hong Kong Excellent Service Certification (Beauty Industry) Award Ceremony 2019


August 15, 2019 – The Hong Kong Excellent Service Certification (Beauty Industry) Award Ceremony 2019 jointly organized by Hong Kong Certification Centre (HKCC), the Federation of Beauty Industry Hong Kong (FBIHK) and the Hong Kong Beauty Industry Standardization Organization (BISO) was held on August 15, 2019 at HKCEC to accredit corporations in the beauty industries that provide quality services.


Hong Kong business community always takes pride in their high-quality services. HKCC’s Excellent Service Certification Scheme ensures high-quality service in various customer service areas. Through mystery shopper or survey programs, the scheme enables distributors, retailers, and service providers to manage or evaluate their services at certain critical points in their stores, such as staff performance, appearance, operation efficiency, shopping environment, etc. It takes a leading role in motivating the industries to deliver excellent service, and enhance the company’s reputation in the market. Up till now, HKCC has issued 1,274 certificates to eligible companies and institutions.


Dr. Franki Lee, Director of HKCC said: “We would like to further introduce ‘the Hong Kong Excellent Service Scheme’ to the members of the Association and the public. It encourages the beauty industry to improve its service standards, stimulate consumer sentiments and revitalize Hong Kong economy.”