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STC, FCSME, and GECA Cooperation Agreement to Promote Unified Quality Standards in Greater Bay Area
30 Mar 2021

【Hong Kong, 30 March 2021】On March 30, STC (Hong Kong Standards and Testing Centre), The Hong Kong Federation of Commerce For Small and Medium Enterprises (FCSME) and the Global Economic Cooperative Alliance (GECA) entered into a “Cooperation Agreement to Promote the Development of Unified Quality Standards in the Greater Bay Area” at STC’s headquarters. With a view to establishing and promoting unified quality standards for imported goods in the Greater Bay Area, so as to attract more consumers in China, Hong Kong, Macau and the Greater Bay Area, and to further improve the economy in the Greater Bay Area, Prof. Richard Fung, Chief Executive of STC, Mr. Sam Tam, Chairman of FCSME, and Mr. Thomas Yip, Vice Chairman of GECA Financial Development Committee, officiated at the signing ceremony. Also present were Dr. Franki Lee, STC’s Director of Business Development & Compliance, Mr. CK Tsang, Assistant Director of China Sales & Business Development, Ms. Elaine Cheng, President of FCSME, Ms. Shirley Li, Chairman of the Supervisory Committee, and others.


By this agreement, STC joined hands with FCSME and GECA, two not-for-profit chambers of commerce, to promote unified quality standards and safety standards in the Greater Bay Area, and the first project will be a "Bay Area Label" (provisional) to introduce high-quality Hong Kong and Korean products. This label will help consumers to identify qualified products of high acceptance and credibility. The signatory parties will jointly promote the use of the "Bay Area Label" in Shenzhen, Macau, Zhuhai and all cities in the Greater Bay Area to promote Hong Kong and Korean high-quality products among consumers in the Greater Bay Area, resulting in economic growth for the Greater Bay Area.


FCSME is a well-known not-for-profit chamber of commerce in Hong Kong. Under the guidance of the Hong Kong government, it is an international organization that specializes in supporting small and medium-sized enterprises in the Chinese community worldwide, and receives the strong support of the Hong Kong government.


GECA is a South Korean not-for-profit organization. It aims to provide a platform in economic (international trade) and social development in developing countries in Africa, Asia and Latin America through providing network opportunities, effective and transparent partnerships, innovations, business advisory services, training and continuing education.


Prof. Richard Fung, Chief Executive of STC highlighted the significance of collaboration with FCSME and GECA in developing a set of unified quality standards and safety standards for the Greater Bay Area. The Greater Bay Area is an important hub for China's economic development in recent years. This cooperation agreement is yet another example of how STC can provide professional services in support of economic growth as a leading conformity assessment service provider recognized and respected worldwide.


About STC

Established in 1963, STC (Hong Kong Standards and Testing Centre) is Hong Kong’s first independent, not-for-profit testing, inspection and certification organization. STC offers a wide range of services, including Toys, Children's products, Textile, Apparel, Footwear, Furniture, Electrical and Electronic Products, Medical Devices, Food, Chemical and Pharmaceutical products. In order to meet the global demand for testing and certification services, not only has STC set up testing facilities and customer service offices in China’s major cities such as Dongguan, Shanghai, Changzhou, Guangxi and Heilongjiang, but also in countries like Germany, USA, Vietnam and Japan. For more details, please visit


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